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Monday, 12 May 2014

17th Carp- 10 paintings in 30 days

It all started with a mother/ daughter painting class at Micheal's. It was the first night I spent away from my newborn son and I was taking advantage of it by indulging in my creative juices. I was especially looking forward to this class as it provided a chance to spend time with my mom without kids running about. She has been an absolute angel in helping with c-section recovery, solo mommy-ing and nursing sickness that I wanted to do something for her which didn't involve any of that. 

The class was New York City at night. I always enjoy learning painting techniques from other artists as it gives a new way of coming to a piece. The result of the class was this 8 x 10 painting that I abandoned to the universe in the hopes that it will end up with a new loving owner.  Art Abandonment  is a movement in which artists around the world create pieces to leave for others to find and let those fall into love with the power and beauty of hand made artwork. 

After completing this painting, it lit a fire under me to keep this flow of creativity going. I picked up canvas after canvas and I just couldn't stop. I decided that I was going to give myself a challenge. 10 paintings in 30 days. I thought with two children two and under this could be quite a feat!

Inspired also by the new Disney movie Frozen, I also wanted to create paintings that honored some of my favourite animated movies. Princess paintings are probably not in my future as I don't think that they will become cherished characters of two boys. (Although I would definitely encourage them if this was the case. No gender stereotypes here.) I wanted a way to mourn the fact that I won't have a little girl of my own to paint these things for while creating something another little girl would love.

These paintings were prepped at the same time with similar brush strokes but in one I saw raindrops falling on a pond, and in the other I saw a raging snow storm. The dragon flies found their forever home in Ontario while the Frozen painting was won by a lovely mom in Alberta from a contest I hosted on my Instagram account.  
Quote: Let the storm rage on, the cold never bothered
me anyway.This beauty was given away via
my Instagram account. 

Just from posting the progress of my creativity, I received two orders from friends (and followers) who wanted to have some of my artwork for their own. Here are the results:
Alice in Wonderland: Eat me, Drink me
Alice in Wonderland:
Tea party

Another Frozen painting with a background
more like ice 
My Little Pony meets Rainbow Bright

Monsters Inc. Quote:
Laughter is 10 times more
powerful than fear. 
One of my absolute favourites: Tangled

 Finally, I wrapped up my 10 paintings in 30 days with this tiny canvas on an easel that I found at the Dollar store. I thought it would be the perfect size to tuck away somewhere for my next Art Abandonment. I love that I have been able to sell some paintings to be able to off set the cost of giveaways and the wonderful abandonment movement I participate in. I feel truly blessed.
This little guy will be left for
someone to find in the next week. Somewhere in
Saint John, NB. 

With this in mind, I will be posting another Instagram art giveaway in the next few days! Please follow me at mlstandring to stay tuned for the details. I am so excited to share little bits of me to those who appreciate my work. If you are interested in having me paint something for you, please contact me via this blog, Instagram, or e-mail. Turn around times depend on size, subject matter, and life events. With two little ones it can be quite hectic to find time to paint, as you can imagine.

Thank you to all who have been encouraging me on this artistic journey. This includes my wonderfully supportive husband who bought me another 8 canvases to play with for Mother's Day. He knows me so well. ;) And thank you so much to my mom and convincing me to take some time away from the kids for that first class. What a thirst of creativity you inspired!

What's your carp? 

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