Post ImageThis is my first blog post... ever. Which is strange since I'm an avid journaler and love writing about my experiences. After reading other blogs, I find that they help me stay on track 24/ 7 which is exactly what a up and down lifestyle changer like myself needs. 

I say lifestyle changer and not diet because I want this to be a lifestyle. Long term and not short term payoffs. This is the reason that I'm starting WW at a time where I would have told myself previously it would be impossible to stay on track... winter! Salads in winter? DISGUSTING! Activity out in that cold? YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING! Following a plan when a teacher hardly gets time to use the bathroom most days? THAT'S A LAUGH! 

These exclamations are not stretching the imagination. All of them I have said to myself when I was going through WW two summers ago. I lost almost 20 pounds during the summer and felt fantastic. Then the fall schedule started up, with new students, an increase in responsibilities and slowly but surely that scale started to creep back up. I didn't do anything to stop it. I had excuses! I had reasoning! I had a load of **** really and was just too lazy or preoccupied to think about myself. 

So...... the first carp I am seizing is moi! 

I'm seizing myself by embracing this program completely during, in my mind, the absolutely craziest season to start a lifestyle change. My logic for it is simple. Beat the excuses head on and then I have absolutely nothing to fall back on. Even reasoning won't save me. If I can take the dog for walks in -35 degree weather then a beautiful spring day will be a breeze. Staying within my Daily Points when the nights seem longer and all you want to do is snack will only make the long nights of summer activity delightful. 

And you know what the craziest thing is ? I'm doing it! 3rd week in, two weeks of great losses and loving this new program are all needed fuel to keep me going and my motivation high. Couple that with changing from meetings to online this time, I feel unstoppable! This is how WW should be for me. Constant access to resources and a community that cheers you on with every pound.