Post ImageI didn't think I would be blogging so soon after my first post but with the morning I had, I definitely need to let it all out. 

Seizing life sounds a little cliché doesn't it? Well when you have a personal experience about how fragile life is, seizing life seems like the only thing you want to do. 

This morning, I know with 100 % certainty that I could have died. I was driving to work and was passing a transport truck. I wasn't on a 4 lane highway but a passing lane on a two way highway. I was going along and just about passed the transport when a truck was coming in my direction, hugging my line enough that I knew I had to get out of his way or we could possibly hit. I moved over, hit a patch of snow/slush/ ice and was sling shotted in front of the transport before spinning onto the other lane and facing the opposite direction on the other side of the highway.

The transport truck drove past my swerves like a thread going through a needle. I couldn't believe that he didn't smash me into smithereens. I also couldn't believe that the guy that started all of this didn't stop. When the car finally became still I was about a foot into the snow but other wise completely fine. The lights on my dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree but, nothing serious. I put it in low gear, waited until no one was coming and did a U turn to get back on the right side of the highway. Once there I put my 4 ways on and stayed parked until I stopped shaking. I immediately called my husband but he didn't pick up so I left a choppy/ emotional message about what happened and that I was fine. 

I continued going to school, shaken, scared out of my mind, but with every fiber of my being thankful that I was still alive. If anything had been in the other lane or if that transport truck would have reacted differently, this story would have had a very sad ending. Once the adrenaline ran through my system, the tears started falling. I was this close. I could have died. Life could have been taken from me because of something as stupid as someone hugging a line. 

Thank you transport truck for being able to avoid my erratic swerves, thank you car for taking over even when I was doing everything wrong, thank you god for having the other lane cleared of any traffic and thank you guardian angel for keeping me safe. 

Message received------- Seizing LIFE and being thankful for it is the carp of the day and one that I will keep in mind always. 

What is your carp?