Post ImageAhh quiet time. 

Those days where you don't have anything on your to-do list. Where you only have to be concerned with eating, bathing (optional) and sleeping. Those wonderful days where you can curl up with a good book or a stack of DVD's and just let time tic away. Without the guilt of feeling like you should be doing this, or visiting that person, or taking the time to tackle unpleasant cleaning jobs like the fridge or stove. 


This is the carp I am seizing today. Or, I should say, all of March Break. I have looked at my calendar for the last year and realized that it has been JAMMED packed with lists, things to do, and items to get accomplished. Even being a teacher, you would think I would have slowed down during the summer to have some 'me time' however, it just didn't happen last year. 2 week french course, getting ready for our wedding, honeymoon, and then right back to school absorbed those precious months off. Couple that with a kitchen renovation over Christmas holidays, school, and taking ungrateful kids on a Quebec exchange, I'm just worn down. Mentally, physically.... and everything in between. Worn down. 

In this day and age, I think sometimes we feel forced to jam our days full and stretch ourselves thin so that we keep putting off doing things for ourselves or just feel guilty spending a day doing nothing. I feel this even more so since my other half is a high energy, lets get everything done, type of person who doesn't like to relax. But I say no longer.... or at least not for the next 7 days. 

Ladies, gentlemen, I say to you do not feel guilty! Instead, search out and create your own blocks of you-time! It helps to keep you feeling sane, keeps a healthy spirit, and gives you an opportunity to reconnect to the real you. How often do we get so absorbed with the different hats we have to wear: mother/father, teacher/job, friend, daughter/son, neighbour, sister/ brother etc that we leave the 'Me' hat on the mantle day after day gathering dust? In my experience if I ignore that "Me" hat too long my personality changes and I become irritable, angry and frustrated. A shadow of my usual self. 

With this is mind I have carved out a week that doesn't involve traveling to far off places, instead it's about reconnecting and rebuilding the relationship which is the most important. Me with myself. Movie day today, homeopath w/ friend outing Tuesday, massage therapy Wednesday, and lots of other activities scattered here and there that are me-focused. I feel truly blessed for this opportunity and I'm going to be grateful for every second. 

So whether it's a day or a week, a book, a movie, painting, writing, or another hobby, seize the Quiet Carp. It might not be a very enlightening 'carp', or even a new revelation, but it's the most important often-ignored thing that you can do for yourself. 

Tic..... tic..... tic...... 

What's your carp?