Post ImageYes I live in Canada. 

Yes I tolerate winter for almost half of a year. 

But no that doesn't mean that I like winter sports or recreation. Skiing? I look like a big snow ball rolling down a hill. Skating? I wobble here and there not really going anywhere. Sledding? Meh... the downhills are fun but walking back up? Not so much. Anyways, I just about gave up my search for enjoyable winter recreation. 

Until... that is ... today! 

We just purchased a property with about an acre of land right next to the forest. My husband, Jon, went out exploring the other day with his friend on their snowshoes. Since then, he has been dying to show me everything along the trails he saw. I don't have snowshoes because of aforementioned dislike of winter sports, I never had the urge to try it. So I kept putting it off, putting it off, until I had run out of excuses. He was going to borrow some snowshoes from the same friend and we were going to go for an adventure. "Oh great, I'll just end up breaking a leg, fall, and have my face hit by trees- sounds awesome".

I sucked it up though because of my second carp. (see second blog entry) I'm seizing life now and that means new adventures and experiences. I've got to try everything and anything I can because I know how precious every moment is. So strapped on the snowshoes I did, and the two of us plus Molly our dog, went out into the wilderness. 

Going out for just Molly's reaction alone would have been worth it. She was bounding and jumping through snow with so much vivacity I could not help but smile. And she was smiling back at me saying "C'mon mom! There were deer here! I need to keep on smelling!" Jon was pointing out this and that which I was half hearing/ half concentrating on not falling down. 

Then about 20 minutes later I realized.... this is fun! I don't have to worry about crazy speeds sliding down mountains. I don't have to be concerned of my lack of balance and falling onto hard ice. This is just walking with big clown shoes! I can get on board with this for sure. And what a work out! Going through the brush, around the trees, up and down hills, had my heart just a pumping! I was racking up activity points and loving it. 

Now I'm on the search online for my own pair of snowshoes. After all, I have to embrace my first ever joyful winter activity experience. Jon and Molly are both very excited about this new revelation. 

I guess that makes me a true blooded, winter loving, Canadian now! 

What's your carp?